Frequently Asked Questions

Has your biopsy or excision been sent to us?

After your physician has performed either your biopsy or excision, this specimen will be submitted to our laboratory. Once received, the tissue will be processed by experienced laboratory professionals, ultimately cut into thin sections that can be placed on a glass slide and interpreted by our physicians under a microscope. After viewing your biopsy or excision under the microscope, the physician renders a diagnosis. This diagnosis will be submitted in the form of a written pathology report to your physician who originally performed the biopsy or excision.

All questions regarding your diagnosis and disease management should be directed to your physician due to the need for clinicopathologic correlation to best optimize your care.

Have you received a bill from our office?

If you have received a bill from our office, this bill indicates that your physician took a sample of skin from you and sent it to our laboratory for diagnosis. If you have further questions, please contact our office.

Do you perform other lab tests?

No. Our office is dedicated to processing and diagnosing skin biopsies and excisions. We are not equipped to provide additional forms of testing on different tissue sources or bodily fluids.

Do you see patients?

No. While our physicians are all dermatology trained, we specialize in the microscopic examination of skin. Our physicians do not see or treat patients.

May I obtain a copy of my pathology report?

We recommend contacting the clinician who performed your procedure to obtain a copy of your report, as this clinician is the best equipped to answer your questions in the context of your history and physical examination.

Can you discuss my biopsy results with me?

The clinician who performed your procedure is your best resource for interpreting your biopsy results in the context of your clinical examination and history, as well as providing you with guidance regarding possible treatment options.

How can my biopsy or excision be sent for a second opinion?

If you wish to have a second opinion, we will need a signed release form from you, indicating to where you want your case sent. We will then send an original or representative slide, along with a copy of our report. We will send this material at no cost to you. Please note that the consulting lab will likely charge you or your insurance for this second interpretation.

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