Teaching Slide Library

An extensive collection of teaching slides is available for study at our practice location. The teaching slides are organized in boxes by specific topics for easy access (see below). Additional boxes containing slides of high yield diagnoses designed specifically for board exam preparation are also available. All of our dermatopathologists contribute cases to the teaching slide library and the collection is updated regularly.

The slide library is available for review Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Please call our office or contact Dr. Narayan Naik via email ([email protected]) to schedule a time for viewing.

The slide library can be reviewed in our private conference room which contains a multi-headed microscope to allow for group discussion and teaching. The teaching slide collection also serves as the basis for an annual dermatopathology review course for senior dermatology residents taking their board certification exam. Additional reference materials available at our office include a comprehensive collection of dermatopathology and dermatology textbooks, journals, and photographic atlases.


  • Psoriasiform Reactions
  • Lichenoid Reactions
  • Vasculopathic Reactions
  • Spongiotic Reactions
  • Vesiculo-bullous Reactions
  • Granulomatous Reactions
  • Disorders of Epidermal Differentiation
  • Disorders of Pigmentation
  • Disorders of Collagen
  • Disorders of Elastic Tissue
  • Disorders of Cutaneous Appendages
  • Cutaneous Mucinoses
  • Cutaneous Deposits
  • Panniculitis
  • Reactions to Physical Agents
  • Metabolic and Storage Disorders
  • Bacterial, Rickettsial, and Spirochetal Infections
  • Fungal, Algal, and Protozoal Infections
  • Viral infections, Helminths, and Arthropod Induced Diseases
  • Miscellaneous Conditions
  • Cysts, Sinuses, and Pits
  • Lentigines, Melanocytic Nevi, and Melanoma
  • Tumors of Epidermis
  • Tumors of Cutaneous Appendages
    • Apocrine
    • Eccrine
    • Sebaceous
    • Follicular
  • Tumors and Proliferations of Fibrous Tissue
  • Tumors of Fat, Muscle, Cartilage, and Bone
  • Neural, Nerve Sheath, and Neuroendocrine Tumors
  • Vascular Tumors
  • Cutaneous Non-Lymphoid Infiltrates
  • Cutaneous Lymphoid and Leukemic Infiltrates
  • Cutaneous Metastases

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