What is Dermatopathology?

What is dermatopathology?

Dermatopathology is a specialized field of pathology, involving the microscopic examination of skin, hair, and nails for diseases, such as skin cancers and rashes.

What is a dermatopathologist?

A dermatopathologist specializes in the interpretation of biopsies of skin, hair, and nails for the presence of disease. To be board certified in dermatopathology, a physician must first complete medical school, followed by residency training in either dermatology or pathology, and must successfully pass the respective residency board exam. This physician then pursues additional training in the specialized field of dermatopathology and then must again successfully pass the subspecialty board exam. All of this training provides the physician with the skills to interpret skin biopsies for the presence of the many different varieties of skin disease.

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