Clinician Questions

How can I begin sending specimens to your lab?

Please contact our office at 404-851-1766, and one of our dedicated team members will assist in providing your office with the appropriate supplies and requisition forms and arranging specimen pick-ups and report delivery.

What is the usual turn around time for a routine specimen?

Once received in our laboratory, the results are typically available within 24-36 hours. The pathology report will then be sent to your office via the internet, fax, courier and/or mail.

Can I expedite (RUSH) a specimen?

Most definitely. Our laboratory is committed to provide you and your patients with the best dermatopathology service available. If you need a special pick up for a RUSH specimen please call us to arrange it. Also, please indicate “Rush” on the requisition form. After receiving the RUSH specimen, our dermatopathologists will call your office with the result early the next morning.

How do I submit a case seen at an outside institute for second opinion at your lab?

Please contact our office at 404-851-1766, and we can assist you with the information and paperwork that you need.

What is the process for submitting a biopsy for immunofluorescence or gene rearrangement studies?

We do not currently perform immunofluorescence or gene rearrangement studies at our laboratory. However, our office can assist you with the submission of these cases, including where to send the specimen, and providing the necessary requisition forms to expedite the process.

Do you perform tissue cultures?

No. Our office is dedicated to processing and diagnosing skin biopsies and excisions. We are not equipped to provide additional forms of testing on different tissue sources or bodily fluids, including tissue cultures.

Can I provide clinical pictures to go along with a biopsy?

We appreciate the additional information provided by the clinical photos we receive. Digital images may be sent to us by email. If you choose to send a hard copy of an image along with the requisition form, we will return the photo to your office following completion of the case.

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